Bjorn Pagen

Concerned friends often tell me how difficult the "real world" is, and how unprepared and undercredentialed I am for it.

I don't buy it. No one should.

Things have changed in the past ten years. We live in a new, exciting, productive age. We travel between countries cheaply and often. We use the tools and technologies of the internet to help us build things. We talk with friends via photon-fast fiber optic cables along the Atlantic seabed.

I believe that, for the first time in history, everyone has the resources to create success. My goal is to build that successful lifestyle for myself through my friends, work, and experiences.

Some heros

Nathaniel Drew
Inspirational filmmaker and storyteller: his videos are personal and helpful, and heavily inspire my lifestyle.
Deryk Makgill
Terrific speaker about jobs and self-driven learning: ignoring his sketchy Bitcoin-related work.
Andrew Kelley
Programmer extrodinaire, mastermind behind Zig: built a job doing what he loved, and taught me a ton about programming.