Graduating when there's no class

Tomorrow is the last day of school for seniors at Horace Greeley. And no one will be there. Physically, anyway.

Not graduation, just the last day of classes. Seniors begin a month long project called senior experience, but the point being, there's no more interaction with teachers or classmates anymore really.

I've made so many friends and meaningful connections along the way here. And it's scary to leave those behind.

It feels strange. I feel pretty vulnerable.

Maybe it'd feel easier if I was seeing them at all.

On starting anew

It's hard to pick up roots and set off into the world without dragging a significant amount of dirt.

And if you do painfully and tediously remove all that dirt, you have crazy bad root shock.

It's scary: what if I never recover to that point? What if I won't meet new people I care about? What if no one I come across cares about me?

It's a common thing. This hasn't been the first time I've thought about this, and it won't be the last.

We all need to do it to grow. Don't be afraid to transplant out of that tiny pot.